2017. okt 30.

Trip to Zagreb

írta: Debreceni Református Egyetemi Gyülekezet
Trip to Zagreb


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, with more then 800.000 citizen in it and a plenty of sights to see!



Our congregation visited the city on a joined trip with University Congregations from Budapest, Szeged and Transcarpathia. Here is how a member from our church, Timea Kozma, saw it. Read her travelogue below!

"On the first day, after arriving to our accomodation in the centre of the city, we visited two beautiful parks and the Jelasic Square, which was actually the main square of the old town (lower city). Also visited some museums and the University of Zagreb.

The next day we could explore more of this beautiful miracle on the bank of River Sava- so our walk took place in the Upper part of the city. This upper part of the city consists of two subparts: Kaptol and Gradec. In th part called Gradec we visited Lotrscak Tower, from which every day at exactly noon comes out the memorial sound of a cannon shot, remembering the famous triumph over the Turkish. After this we went on to have a look at Saint Mark Square, where you can find Saint Mark's Chruch and also an important building called Sabor, which is actually the Croatian Parlament

In Saint Mark's Church two crests were placed: on the right- the crest of the city (Zagreb), on the left - the crest of the Serbian- Croatian-Slovenian Kingdom. Continuing our walk we arrived to the bridge called Bloody Bridge, which is actually just a street now .not a real bridge, and leads to stone gate which is the last standing one from the 5 city gates. Last but not least came the part called Kaptol. The main centre of this part is the Cathedral, which is likely to be the most prominent building of Zagreb. They were currently renovating the two towers of the cathedral, each tower is 105 meters tall, and the cathedral can take in up to 5000 people. Between the two main parts of the city -upper and lower- is the main market called Dolac.

In the afternoon, we had freetime, so those who still wanted to wonder around could do that. Me and my friends went on to visit Mirogoj Cemetery, which is one of the biggest and most beautiful graveyards in Europe. Some from our group went to the Botanic Garden, others found the bank of River Sava the most attractive.
On our way home, we also stopped at Castle Varasd.

It wasn't just sightseeing for us during these 3 days. We had morning devotions held by our pastors. During the evenings our little group always found a nice pub or cafe where we could just hang out, chill and get to know each other better.

I really enjoyed the whole trip and find myself really lucky that I was the part of it. I got to meet new people, had lots of conversations and fun. We are thankful to our band, to our pastors. We are also thankful to the other congregations' pastors too for sharing the Gospel with us. I cannot wait till the next trip!" (Timea Kozma)


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