2015. jún 16.

An ultimate game

írta: Debreceni Református Egyetemi Gyülekezet
An ultimate game

The end of the academic year is drawing near...

Some are fed up with exams and wanna break out. Others are fed up with exams too, they just don't let themselves realize it. Maybe this is a smarter way of getting through the exam period...

Nevertheless, we invited people for an ultimate frisbee game to disengage from studying for a couple of hours. The first game will take place today afternoon and we'll have another game next week, on Monday.

We are glad that you taught us this game in May, we really enjoyed it! And I am sure others will love it too!


(If you are bored by exams... Ultimate frisbee - Leisure, for which you need nothing except for yourself in a sporty outfit, here and at this time: Campus Hotel, "B" reception, 16 and 22 June, 4 am)

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