2015. ápr 07.

Pastors' rooms

írta: Debreceni Református Egyetemi Gyülekezet
Pastors' rooms

We hope that you had a blessed Easter and Christ resurrected in you all. We wish that His Love remained in you and with you just as He did with us.

And so here is the (not very fresh) news: Two weeks ago Dani and Bepe furnished the two pastors' rooms on the Kassai street campus and Böszörményi street campus. As you can see on the pictures, they came back with beautiful sofas, armchairs and side tables from Budapest.


Pastors' room on the Böszörményi street campus.


Pastors' room on the Kassai street campus.

I hope these rooms will give us and future community members the feeling of home and calmness.

Guys, you are welcome!

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Kassai st. campus Böszörményi st. campus furnishing