2014. okt 30.

A short retrospection...

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A short retrospection...

...how Laci sees it

When we were halfway through the semester we sat down for a short hour to talk about the past two months. The purpose of this conversation was to share our impressions and feelings about the work we were doing on the Kassai street campus.

As we sat on the cushy couches in the „Triangle” room – the best place available in the church to let our thoughts free from the pressure of daily duties and to give our feelings some space to flow – our thoughts filled the room, and more and more of them were about future hopes and plans rather than past experiences.Laci.jpg

In this post you can read a summary of Laci’s impressions and plans. In an another post you are going to read about Dóri’s thoughts.

Looking back to the start, Laci remembered that since he started his service with Dóri in the Kassai street Campus, he has been collecting data on stundents’ religiousness and view of the Church (we are going to write a post about the findings and exact data after we do the statistical analyses). This survey proved to be a great opportunity for him to talk with students about their own experiences and to invite the interested ones to the Bible study group.

In Laci’s experience many students were open to talk with him on the spot, but didn’t take the opportunity to share their thoughts over a cup of coffee. This was something expected, though he really hoped for some to take the chance. One of the reasons why students are rarely open to talk about religion and their views and experiences on the topic is their busy schedule, and another reason is that many of them live in isolation and keep their feelings to themselves. We also offer to notify them when we plan to organize an event or activity, and in Laci’s experience most students are interested in a self-awareness training or a film-club, which would hopefully be a great opportunity to be present among those who are reluctant to talk about religious topics.

All in all, Laci is basically optimistic and he says that although there wasn’t a big boom in the process, still there were little miracles for which he is very grateful, miracles that gave him the strength to go on. This is an experimental period and he is looking forward to the rest of it.

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